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VETPASS is the only App an owner, veterinarian or service provider ever needs.

For owners, we take the guesswork out of pet parenting with the most comprehensive pet specific information, free online vets and our forums and fan pages, sharing the joy of ownership.

Want to book a therapist or groomer for your pet? Want to find and register with a local vet practice available now, or an equine specialist to come to you? VETPASS is the only place you can search vets and pet services, message and book appointments by animal type, location, availability, and services offered including 220+ veterinary specializations and 170+ different pet services. To learn more, download the VETPASS app or visit our how it works page.

For veterinarians, we offer the world’s most comprehensive tool to manage your practice and career. We find new owners, promote your services, such as referrals, enable secure chat with colleagues, pet parents and vets around the world, share files and reminders, and collect payments. To learn how VETPASS can help your practice, or you grow your career, visit our vets page.

For pet service providers, we offer a complete solution to find, promote, message and deliver your services direct to owners. To learn how VETPASS can help you and your colleagues grow your business, visit our pet services page.

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At VETPASS, our mission is to empower pet parents, veterinarians, and pet service providers worldwide with trusted mobile and online solutions, resources, and support. We are committed to maximizing the joy of pet ownership, enhancing the quality of animal care, and enriching lives. Through innovative technology and a supportive community, we strive to revolutionize the pet care industry, ensuring that all pets receive the love and care they deserve, wherever and whenever.


Damian Kissane

Founder and Pet Parent to Elvis, Chief Barker

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Damian Kissane

Prior to founding VETPASS, Damian co-launched and operated five award-winning telehealth platforms, from general and family practice to mental health, offering on-demand safe and timely patient care to over one million people.

In 2014, Damian became a pet parent with the arrival of Elvis, a pure-bred Maltese, who immediately took over responsibility for leading outdoor pursuits. As a new and inexperienced pet parent, he realized that pet health had many of the same problems found in human health including doctors under pressure to see more patients and improve accessibility.

So, he decided to leverage that experience and build from scratch a new, engaging, and innovative solution, VETPASS, drawing upon the latest data analysis and AI tools that addresses all the challenges that vets shared with him and those he had previously encountered, to make life easier and more fun for veterinarians and owners alike.

Founder and Pet Parent to Elvis, Chief Barker
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