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VETPASS sets a new standard for pet ownership care and satisfaction. It is the culmination of years of dedicated development, driven by a deep passion for animals and listening to pet parents, veterinarians, and pet service providers.

For Owners: Access informative pet social media and forums, free 24/7 online vets, and personalized AI-pet nutrition plans. Store pet records, receive reminders, and easily book vet and pet services from a vast global directory.

For Veterinarians and Pet Service Providers: VETPASS transforms veterinary practices and pet services, boosting efficiency and engagement with features such as appointment scheduling, secure messaging, and AI-driven triage services. Professionals gain easy access to AI enabled resources and can offer remote consultations, ensuring personalized care.

Download now the free all-in-one solution for every owner, veterinarian, and pet service.


VETPASS is a groundbreaking platform, globally reshaping pet ownership satisfaction. With every conceivable online tool and a vast list of 50,000 vet practices and 150,000 pet service providers, it ensures top-notch care tailored to each pet no matter where they are in the world.

At its core, VETPASS serves as a technology-driven solution for all stakeholders in the pet care ecosystem through user-friendly apps and web portals. Offering features like finding nearby veterinarians, owner forums, 7×24 vet chat, AI-powered diet plans for each pet and AI-symptom advice monitored by our own vets, and on demand AI-references for vets it facilitates comprehensive pet care and connectivity among users. Moreover, VETPASS is entirely free to download and use, democratizing pet care technology and providing access to valuable resources for all.

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VETPASS stands out as a unique global app, uniting veterinarians, pet services, stores, and pet-friendly businesses. It offers tailored health advice and AI-powered triage, ensuring pet owners receive accurate guidance and are directed to services when needed.

For vet practices, VETPASS offers a comprehensive set of features to attract and retain owners. VETPASS helps vet practices to focus on the most important patients using AI tools, pre-triage, record sharing, secure messaging, and online consultations. Advance payment options improve cash flow, while access to veterinary forums and reference sources enhances knowledge-sharing and professional development. Personalized profiles and customizable services further enhance visibility and career opportunities, making VETPASS an invaluable tool for veterinarians to enhance their career and practice and generate additional income streams.


Over 170 different pet services supported from acupuncture to walkers.

Explore the transformative advantages of VETPASS for your pet service, pet store, pet food business or pet friendly location unlocking unparalleled efficiency and success. VETPASS empowers you with unique tools and features that streamline client acquisition, streamline your processes, enhance communication, and boost your visibility.

Imagine effortlessly attracting and retaining clients through our innovative marketing strategies and tools.

VETPASS promotes your pet services alongside 50,000+ local vet practices offering you the same seamless scheduling and in-app messaging.

The platform fosters efficient communication and collaboration among colleagues and clients through secure messaging and file-sharing features. Access client, pet, and service history in-app or in your own web portal. Connect with owners online via audio/video consultations with full patient discharge and record sharing. Reduce no-shows with in-app deposits, promote your services daily in engaged communities and professional forums.

VETPASS elevates your pet service to new levels of efficiency and success.

Pet stores, pet food and friendly businesses enjoy all the same features plus the connection to our world leading AI tools in their businesses and on their websites


Discover a revolutionary approach to your pet’s health with our AI-Pet Nutrition Advisor. Tailored to your pet’s unique needs, our intelligent system analyzes factors like breed, age, weight, and activity level to craft personalized diet plans. Whether you’re managing a puppy’s growth or an older pet’s dietary needs, our AI ensures they receive the perfect balance of nutrients.

The innovative AI-Pet Symptom Checker is designed to bring peace of mind to pet owners. This advanced system swiftly analyzes your pet’s symptoms, offering quick, reliable insights into potential health issues. Whether your furry friend is showing signs of discomfort or unusual behavior, our AI-Pet Symptom Checker guides you through understanding these symptoms, providing a preliminary assessment. It’s especially helpful in deciding whether a trip to the vet is necessary, saving you time and undue worry. Our AI-Pet Symptom Checker is an educational resource too, enhancing your knowledge about pet health and common ailments.

Our tools are incredibly user-friendly providing a comprehensive nutritional, health and wellness solution, adapting recommendations as your pet grows and changes.

What’s Inside

The only pet app you will ever need

Over 150,000 pet service providers and 50,000 + vet practices listed globally. List your business for free! Every tool in one place. Store your pets medical, breeding, registrations and insurance records.

The only pet app you will ever need

Free vet chat and appointment booking

In- app messaging with our vets. Book consultations and take payments.

The only pet app you will ever need

The world’s first pet AI-symptom and nutrition advisor

Analyses pets’ symptoms, offering quick insights to potential health issues. Provides breed specific guidance to your pets’ nutritional needs.

The world’s first pet AI-symptom and nutrition advisor

Pet forums, continuing education and social media

Global communities of owners and veterinarians sharing advice. Free CE/CPD and other online vet references. Pet fan pages and engaging content.

Pet forums, continuing education and social media


Always Free

Unlock the Power of Free Membership with VETPASS

Discover the Benefits of Our Free Membership:

Organize and Store Your Pets' Information

With VETPASS, you can create profiles and conveniently store all your animals' records in one place. Keep track of pedigrees, insurances, wellness details, and health records for easy access whenever you need them.

Find and Connect with Local Vets and Service Providers

Easily locate and register with your local veterinary clinics or pet service providers through VETPASS. Gain peace of mind knowing you have a trusted network of professionals available to care for your pets.

Access Vet-Backed Educational Resources

Expand your knowledge with vet-backed educational resources tailored specifically to your pet's needs. Stay informed about their health, wellness, and overall care through comprehensive and reliable information.

Connect with VETPASS Veterinarians

Have questions about your pet's health or behavior? No question is too "dumb" for our VETPASS veterinarians. With our messaging feature, you can connect with experienced professionals and get the answers and guidance you need.

Connect with Your Own Vet in Minutes*

Easily connect with your own veterinarian through VETPASS* and streamline communication for your pet's care. Keep in touch, schedule appointments, and discuss any concerns conveniently through the app.

Emergency Situations and VETPASS

In case of a medical emergency, please refrain from using VETPASS and contact your local emergency pet hospital immediately. VETPASS is designed to support pet owners in non-emergency situations. *Please note that veterinarians must be participating in the VETPASS global network. They are responsible for setting their rates and may charge additional fees depending on the consultation type.

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Sign up for our free membership and experience the convenience, resources, and support that VETPASS provides. Take control of your pet's care and enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive pet management platform.

Veterinarians and Pet Service Providers?

It’s always free to register and use our services that make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Veterinarians and Pet Service Providers. It’s always free to register and use our services to make your life easier.


Check out our comprehensive guides to using VETPASS. If you still have questions, please reach out to us here.  We are always happy to help!

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